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Being an artist in Europe

1030 October 28, 2015

It was summer of 2015, I was planning to spend my whole time painting in Art Academy and visit art exhibitions wherever they take place. I always used to search on the entrance of academy for proclamations and looked for something adventurous. One of the days among all those information I happen to see something different … “Travel to Europe “which changed my whole mood and made my summer.
It all begun in that moment when I realized that I will be one of the members of the group to travel to Europe and for a brief moment I saw myself over the clouds seeing the earth as a mosaic. Coming back to earth I first landed in Berlin where I understood that I was changing my point of views about almost everything , I met some Serbians of which I had different thoughts which I won during the war. I thought they were all the same. All the Balkan was there all together in the same place, we enjoyed visiting Berlin and all its hospitality they have. I saw the place where people were divided for decades only from a wall which wall now is a piece of art with all the painting on it and I felt that that place it is now place of unification. While we were sightseeing in a moment we realized we had lost our road and in a moment we were in front of one of the greatest cathedral in Koln I saw in this journey and that was the beauty of this travel , we were living for the moment.
Going on we arrived in Netherland, place of tulips, wind mills and Amsterdam. We stayed in Harderwijk where the people helped us and carried for us, then we continued to Amsterdam, we happened to be on those days where the gay parade was going on , music everywhere , everything was different , all colorful, the atmosphere was totally different we used to see during the travel , we move on in Rotterdam a nice sightseeing place with rivers and good nature.
And here comes next Belgium, I arrived in Brugge. There I got the chance to visit Salvador Dali’s creation and see a beautiful architecture. There is one more thing beautiful I experienced in Brugge , all the group decided to sleep in a train station where we met some children and played cards with them. The next morning we took the train and travel to France.
Paris , the place of art and Mona Lisa’s smile in front of my eyes was a dream come true for me . in Luvr I saw the pieces of arts which I only read and saw in my dreams , they were everywhere I looked, all the past and me were together there. I only left the Luvr when my legs were not holding anymore. The Eifel Tower wish of everyone in the group .We went there and the view was turning into a beautiful painting for me, it was simply magnificent , night lights were incredible in the open dark sky. We went next in Nice were we enjoyed the sea for a little bit. From there we went from an art place to another. To Italy .
Rome was a place with an ancient history and that testified the Coliseum we visited. We continued to Vatican which holds masterpieces of Michelangelo, I would separate “ La Pieta” which filled me with belief and inspirational feelings about art. Also in Vatican we visited the place where the first art school was opened , Florence, there you could see the creations of my favorite artist sculpture Michelangelo, From there we decided to go to Pisa and fix the Pisa tower as all the people do hahaha…
We moved on in Venice , the place of lovers , where we tasted and fall in love with Italian picas. After Italy we carry on in Austria , we visit some beautiful parks and see beautiful old buildings , typical of Vienna . I enjoyed a very nice concert, classical concert , we met there many Albanians who helped us very much , I would like to mention an Albanian man who gave to us some free tickets for a concert. I met a friend there who took me to botanic park and after there I was separate from the group and left to my hometown.
And so my plans for the summer to visit art exhibitions were full filled, with one difference. I was living the art , seeing the art , feeling it in every bone and piece of my soul and body . I don’t know how to express all my experience and share with people because the words cannot describe what I felt travelling out there. Simply I had the time of my life.

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