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I loved the mix of the old world charm and the new world vibrancy

991 October 28, 2015

One midday while studying alone on my room, I received an unexpected phone call from the YIRH (Youth Initiative for Human Rights). I was selected for an exciting and insightful experience in Europe. I was to happy that i will travel around Europe with a group of sixteen student from university of Pristina and I was to happy that I was one of them. For me this was like a dream come true.
Our first journey was going to berlin, and there everything as organized by the sponsor-organization Robert Bosch Foundation! , I had chance to meet new friends here in berlin from our peninsula-Balkan, and that was possible by a competition between groups of others countries from Balkan. Berlin was a great and a big city and we didn’t have to much time to visit berlin, but we’ve seen the greatest part of berlin like: Berlin wall, Brandenburg Gate, Museum Island, Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe, Alexanderplatz and some other places. And also we had a short daily trip in some parts of berlin with two students from berlin that also was organized by sponsor.
After Berlin, our next destination was Amsterdam but after a long trip in an uncomfortable train we recognise that we’re not going to Amsterdam…! we stopped in Koln also a beautiful city of Germany, with some places to visit. Near train station of Koln was one of the biggest cathedral in Europe Cologne Cathedral and we visited that as well. After Koln we took the next train to Amsterdam that I would like to call the city of freedom and bikes. We had a great time in Amsterdam, the trip with boat is unforgettable because we have seen the greats parts of Amsterdam by a trip that last around 2 hours…!. Except Amsterdam in Netherland we have seen two more cities and we’ve stayed in Harderwijk for 2 nights, and then we moved in Rotterdam for a day, and it was a modern city with youth in every part with huge buildings and I was wondering to myself are we in New York city!. Another city that has mesmerized me during the trip was our next destination Bruges, an Historical city with old buildings in which time seemed to move backwards and I felt like I was living in XIX century.
‘The city of lights’, ‘the city of Romance’, ‘the culinary capital of the world’ yes it’s Paris our next destination, the best city in Europe with such amazing and phenomenal places to see and do. We stayed in Paris for three days and we tried to visit as many places as we could but unfortunately three days aren’t enough to visit Paris!, we had a great time, The Eiffel Tower, The Louvre (A perfect combination of history and modern art), and Notre Dame are unforgettable for rest of us.
After Paris we had a long journey ahead, after thirteen hours in train, we slept in train and in beach of Nice, and after an exhausted journey we arrived in the city of visible history, in an ancient city called Rome. We had such a great time in Rome we visited almost all the places in Rome because we used to stay here for 5 days and it was fantastic, the only thing I knew about Rome was that what I learned in school from books but visited them was something different. After Rome, our group was devided and I continue the journey in Italy with Plarent Trakanqi, Fjolla Hasani, Mirjeta Tafa, dhe Aulona Rexha, we visited two more beautiful cities of Italy then others. First we went to magnificent city Florence, the city with to many Gothic and Renaissance buildings, art galleries, sculptures, and museums, and then we went to Pisa in which city we visited the tower of Pisa. It’s was such a great experience visiting those cities. We continue our journey to an mysterious city that’s stands in water Venice, When you look around this city , you can see narrow streets in water, small bridges, high buildings, beautiful canals with boat all over the canals, is the city of boats There is no car in Venice. Police car is a boat, ambulance is a boat, there are water taxis, they are also boat! When you walk in the street, you feel that you will be lost in the maze-like streets of the world, and we lost in that beautiful city but it was an amazing experience.
Our next stop was Vienne, it was absolutely lovely and amazing city, with such a great culture appeared in every corner of that city, the people in Vienne were very friendly and polite, as i walked in the street of Vienna I have seen to many beautiful building with an amazing art inside and outside of it, every corner of Vienna is a museum. We have a chance to go in royal orchestra of Vienna, and fortunately the people who organized that were from Kosovo and we didn’t pay to much we just pay sixty euro and three other tickets were invitation from the organizator, we were very happy about that and we spend a great night in Vienna. Freely I can say that Vienne is the City of Music with such a great background.
My acquaintance with Prague began on a train from Vienna, where I used to read something about that beautiful city on my phone. Prague is a fairytale city with such amazing castle, old roads, Vlatava river that pass through the city. I have loved the heady mix of the old world charm and the new world vibrancy.
There were many other elements of Prague that inspired and fascinated me: Charles Bridge, Astronomical Clock, Old Town Square, the dancing house. But the event that made the significant impression on me was the sunset above Prague Castle. Prague is worth visiting again and again, as it has an ample history that you can unveil and discover every bit of and still be mystified.
This was a short description of my trip around Europe for 30 days. It was one of the best experience that I had during now. Thanks to the YIHR Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Kosovo, for made my dream come true.

Another city that has mesmerized me during the trip was Bruges, a Historical city with old buildings in which time seemed to move backwards and I felt like I was living in XIX century

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