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I made my dream a reality

1004 October 28, 2015

– “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – M.T
– “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – S.S.

I’d like to start this write with these two meaningful quotes written above!
One of childhood dreams was to get the chance to travel the world. It took more than ten years for this dream to come true. I could never imagine that one day I would get the chance to visit Europe’s greatest visiting places and could never assume the pleasure and entertainment I would experience there. Being in a country that is on its own economic and social transition has resulted in a travelling boundary for citizens living in Kosovo. Therefore, this traveling trip was a great opportunity to break those social and cultural chains and help one to further integrate with other European cultures. Not only did we get the chance to see one of Europe’s most visited places, but we also got the chance to meet and mingle with other people from different countries. All this remarkable experience has improved my social life and has given me the opportunity to get more familiar and aware of other features that other cultures represent. Therefore, I am in great debt and thankful to the NGO “YIHR” which has made possible all these great things to happen to my life.
When the day of departure arrived I was so excited to meet with other students from other Balkan countries and reunion with them for a wonderful meeting with Mrs. Doris Pack, a deputy of European parliament in Berlin, Germany. From there we continued our journey to Netherlands where the city of Amsterdam with its unique style of architecture and almost built above the waters was all for our own experience. Three days of fun and entertainment and we kept travelling for our next destination which were Brussels and Bruges. There we were amazed by antique buildings and beautiful town squares with their majestic city fountains.
A very interesting part of this trip was traveling by train where every destination was accompanied by laughter, humor and joy. At one instance we found ourselves lost in the big city of Paris where we had to find our way back on our own. This was another experience by which we learned a great deal because we had to learn to cope with the big city crowds and learn how to use public transportation for own return. It is worth to mention the majesty of Eiffel Tower in Paris which stands tall in the city center, attracting thousands of people’s eyes. In this way we left the city of romance only to continue our travel to the beautiful and warm-hearted land of Italy. The ancient city or Rome took us back to the ancient time of Roman Empire where we were so amazed with the city ruins that glorified other buildings of the modern city. In Italy we also got the chance to visit the leaning tower of Pizza, the beautiful lover’s city of Venice. From there we went to the renaissance city of Florence where we were fascinated by the beautiful middle age sculptures and other artistic arts of world’s greatest artists. Worth to mention is the Mozart concert held in Wien where we amazed by the performance of different world leading musicians and ballet dancers. In Wien we also visited Schonbrunn, Belvedere and the city center where the glamorous aristocratic architecture buildings were shinning from city lights. From there we traveled to Prague, the Europe’s most beautiful capital city. The buildings that we visited there were like the ones one may find in fairytales and we also entertained ourselves with wonderful parties which were held there. The last group destination was Zurich before I went to visit some of old friends in Germany. In Zurich we used the opportunity to bask near the Zurich Lake, surrounded by greenness of vast parks of the city. During the stay to my friends I got the chance to visit Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Hanau the place where brother Grim were born.
I came to realize that traveling is a needful activity that every young person should do it once in his lifetime. I terminated my great adventure in Europe, coming back to my country with a big backpack of knowledge, experience, friendship and laughter. In this way “My wonderful European trip” came to an end, leaving behind all these wonderful places only to live forever in my precious memories…

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