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The call that changed everything!

1008 October 28, 2015

Everything what I’m going to  write in this essay, it began with a dream that I had long time ago, I always wanted to visit most beautiful places in world, specially Europe. 
Dreams were never quashed despite the opportunities that were. 
I began studies in Pristina, in the hope that one day I will be able to see personally the countries for which I had learned in school or I saw and heard about them. 
The goal I set my self, I started to realize by applying to the early days of the opening of the contest to travel to Europe from organization YIHR. 
It looked like my best chance that was shown to me by that time and I didn’t want to loss. 
This kind of journey, I dreamed for a long time and I was lucky because they selected me to joing the group of students, that it was expected to associate and to have the best ecperience in our life. 
Meetings began and preperations were taking the right form. From the experience of last year students, we learned many things that helped us in this journey. We appreciate it. 
But for me things that they told us, still were dreams until te moment when we started the journey feom the International Airport Pristina to Turkey, than we continued to our destination Germany. 
That day emotions accompanied me and a gruop of students selected for a perfect trip. 
During our stay in Germany, we had the chance to meet student from Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, they weer also happy for having new friends from other countries while we were visiting Berlin, a city with his interesting history and beautiful places. Berlin visits accompanied with humor and stories shown by students. 
We were excited every time when we left to visit another place from which we expect other things to experience. 
Days of stay in Netherland were special, Amsterdam’s city beauty amazed us. A city with so many visitors and with many coultures there, let us to undersand that Amstersam is place that welcomes everybady. 
We traveled by train, where we spent hours of our journey, there we had fun and also we impovised bads for good sleep. 
In Belgium, we visited the ancient and beautiful city of Brugge. It was a long day and we managed to vjsit every part of the city, it was so beautiful city and deserved the sacrifies of sleeping in train station. 
Even in Paris we went by train, we were in a beautiful city that everyone wants to see because of special things that it has. Of course, two main things that we wanted to visit were the Louvre Museum and the Eiffel Tower. We didn’t stop taking photos every moment, but in Paris we enjoyed the view that we wanted the night to never ends. 
We left Paris very excited of beauty, with the hope that each of us will have apportunity ti visit Paris again. 
We had a very special night thanks our sleepinbags that we had taken, so while we were goning to Italy we needed to make a short brake in Nice and unlike other places there we spent a night on the beach. It was epic. 
High temperatures didn’t stip us to visit the Vatikan and Colloseum, they have their own history but it was more interesting watching them directly. 
Te city of Venice was very nice and fabulous. I was happy going over small bridges which allow you to see the whole city, It was immersed in water and the channels made it more beautiful. 
Opera in Vienna was full of emotions and unforgiven night, also Schlosspark Schönbruun was very beautiful park as it was magnificent to visit. 
Prague was very dear to us, we spent an evening there beside the river, with an guitar and singing songs with love. 
As we were in finish if the trip, the gruop was made smaller by numbers but the atmosphere was the same, we still were having fun together, learning new things from each other and we didn’t feel homesick. 
I enjoyed my time in Switzerland, there I visited two beautiful cities Basel and Zurich. It comleted mu journey, leaving a one-month visiting but very imortant in my life, and for that I will always thank god, than the organization YIHR and Robert Bosch Stiftung. 
So, all the places that we have visited, have their special things but also our diferent experiences will be added in our memories for that place. 

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