Thursday, April 26, 2018

‘Together we made it, we reached the sky’.

1311 September 20, 2016

I won’t start my essay with a quote as I usually do, but I have to say that after this trip around Europe the word ‘together’ got a different meaning. I always was amazed by those beautiful places of Europe, which I have only seen in movies, a fact which made me wonder about how it would be being there, feeling everything by myself and thanks to YIHR this has been possible. We were a chosen group of twelve students from Kosova, which had the luck to participate in this amazing trip with great people. Being there with your friends and other people from different places, so much diversity, but still so many things in common, I think this was the beauty of it, mixing everything together, sharing, giving, taking all those beautiful places would mean nothing to me without those beautiful people who were there. They made each moment special, without them everything would be just a nice view to look at. I must also mention the people who hosted us in Berlin, they managed to make us feel comfortable. They made us to play some friendly games, which intentions were to get to know other people who weren’t in the same group as we were. This played an important role in our trip, cause later on we were meeting those people in other countries and we would be spending time together, helping each other and the most beautiful thing was that we were all ONE, no racist view, it didn’t matter where we came from, what gender we have, what beliefs, we were all looking at each other as a person, there was no prejudice. This trip, besides all the beautiful views and moments I had, also helped me to get more independent, even my mother has a different approach in me. Coming from a small place as Kosova is, and being in a great place as Europe, traveling all by myself, with all those train stations and going from a place to another and manage to do everything without fear, but in such a spontaneous way, I couldn’t believe myself. Whenever I went I would be talking to different people, I made friends everywhere, it was such a good feeling when people knew where Kosova is, some of them even talked to me in Albanian, many of them were interested to come to visit. I see the word ‘together’ as a firework, which releases to the sky in different colors and shapes, makes everyone look at it, and it’s so beautiful you are just out of breath that moment. This would be my quote for this trip ‘Together we made it, we reached the sky’.

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