Thursday, April 26, 2018

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                                                      “Nisma Ime” Manifesto

Our vision is of a modern and civic Kosovo, fully embracive of European values. We believe in the power of young people to turn this vision into a reality. All it takes is serious determination and willingness… and less of the fruitless complaining while sipping macchiato.

The many years of repression and war caused serious damage to our individual and social psyche, robbing us of our civic dignity and establishing a conviction of powerlessness in relation to the structures of power. Kosovar society has long stood silent in the name of grand political processes. As the fog of populism fades away and its hypocrisy becomes more transparent, the need for civic action becomes even more urgent. Kosovo’s youth needs to reinstate the lost sense of community and channel its energies through a progressive agenda.

 Nisma Ime is consisted of a group of responsible citizens who are willing to shake-off the surrounding apathy and ignite the engines of political and social change. We are active citizens, ready to activate others in the name of progressive goals. We are a persistent watch-dog, always prepared to challenge arbitrary violations of power. We are visionaries, convinced that the only way to move forward is by embracing the values and principles of European democracies.

The future state will no longer be “foreign” to us. We will, for the first time in our history, hold full responsibility over our own democracy. The essential aim of Nisma Ime is to make sure that this emerging democracy is fair, inclusive, transparent and respectful towards all of its citizens. A key principle behind Nisma Ime is the belief that Kosovo’s society can become genuinely free and cohesive only if the state protects the rights of all of its minority groups, without any discrimination whatsoever.

Nisma Ime believes that it is essential for the kosovar youth to:

  • Develops a stronger sense of critical thinking with regard to political and social processes.
  • Become more active in challenging the structures of power when they inflict injustice.
  • Encourage mechanisms of dealing with the past so that society may begin looking toward the future.
  • Increase society’s consciousness on the promotion and protection of human rights, and the need to stand up against the violations of these rights.

Nisma Ime is open to anyone who shares the same values and principles and is willing to help spread the word.