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My European Adventure

1041 October 28, 2015

The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences.” – E.Roosevelt

I am 21 years old, from the Republic of Kosovo, located in the Balkan Peninsula, the last entity under the Serbian regime to gain its independence and be recognized as a country. Liberalization of visas affected in our opportunity to reach for new dimension of world. I am very thankful that YIHR has given me a great opportunity to travel abroad. Trying once and remembering all the rest of life is the comon travler’s state of mind. I did it ! I traveled around Europe for one month, it was the best expreience of my life. Europe through my eyes was different from books. A place full of life 28 countries together in diveristy. Wile i was there i felt that i do wanna live there forever. We departure on 27 of June from Prisitna International Airoport to Berlin. Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik was the firs palce we saw afer arriving in Berlin, while Amstel House was the first hostel in our trip. At Berlin we had the great opportunity to meet mrs.Doris Pack and all the students from Balkan region in an debate abput our challanges and future plans of join EU. We started our 1st day with local heroes visiting most interesting parts of Berlin, we saw places such as Berlin’s Film and Television Museum in the Sony Centre at Potsdamer Platz.We walked over to the Reichstag Building, where German parliament is held, BranderburgGate. While i was at Aleksander Platz area before the monoment of Holokaust, those grey cubes remind me all those innocent people that were killed because they belonged to a specific group that ideology was againts. While being at Berlin, you can identify all those monounemts that shows the will of german people to build peace after all those days of terror and injustice of nasizm. Meanwhile you get full of hope visiting cafeteries and nightlife.
Harderwajk, one hour from Amsterdam was the city that made me feel like home. Amsterdam some call it city of freedom so it was. ´´Venice of the north´´Amsterdam is a fascinating architecture mixture of the 17th century and the modern architecture. Most of the 17th century-inspired buildings are made of brick and the modern-architecture buildings don’t have any specific material that are made of, but the shapes and the heights of these buildings are various. Our fifth day of trip was at Amsterdam. That daz there was organiyed gay parade. Before going to Europe i had a prejduce that everzthing that happens in this capital city is stange, weird and not so acceptable for ´´us´´ balkan citizens. But seeing things from your eyes is different. Amsterdam tought me that every person has the right by nature to do whatever he thinks is rational. People are free to chose what to believe in, who to love and how to live. Everything is well organized at Amsterdam there are more than 600,000 bikes, its a very popular way to get around for locals and tourists alike. The houses lined up right to the edge of the 162 canals, awsome view. Roterdam for me was the city of shopaholics and fashion lovers. It has modern architecture and lots of shop centers. Brugge was like a fairytale, everzthing was so near to each other roads, buildings and squeres. After that we went to Paris, one of the most beautiful cities in the world you can visit. There are so many phenomenal things to see and do you will never get bored. There are tons of museums in Paris. Some of the well known ones are the Louvre and Musee de L’Air et de L’espace. The Louvre was originally a royal palace but became a museum in 1793. Outside the museum is a substantial glass pyramid. Inside there are heaps exhibits including artifacts from Egypt, Greece, and Rome. The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci is also displayed there. Musee de L’Air et de L’espace is France’s museum of air and space. I visited Clishy road, a palce were Simone de Beauvoire and Sarter were familiar to. We satzed at Louvre youth hostel, it was a lovely place. At Paris i visited a friend from childhood, she told me a lot of palces that se often visits. While you are at Paris you can notice something strange with the locals, they do not speak english at all. You can see french people stay for nationalism, they love to promote their national values and to keep their own way of living. But being in a eurotrip for the first time, it is not so easy acording to the fact you haven´t travel much. For me it was a little bit stange and new feeling traveling by trains to different countries for one or two days, seeing European citizens so near to eachother. I was a littel bit afaid of being in such of large train sations, full of people. But despite this i decided to travel alone from France to Danmark. It was the first time i traveld alone in such a long trip. After 28 hours of traveling i went to Denmark. Skandinavia is for me the best part of Europe. Danish people in first impression seems cold. But they are so friendly, while traveling from Flendsburg to Odense by bus i meet one yoing girl Marie Sorensen. She was so kind, she invited me for coffe a day after trip and together we saw a lot of castles at Odense. I also visited my relatives there at Svenborg, with them i spend a great time. I was at Copenhagen for 4 days, it is like Amsterdam a city full of bikes. I visited a lot danish historical places, castels of Viking´s. Vlademar Slot castel, i also had the opportunity to know more about danish perception about lots of political issues such as human rights, the political system, their history their defense by Germans and a lot of other important information. After all of those wonderful days, it was time to travel back home. On 24 of August i traveled from Copenhagen to Pristina. It was mz birthday and i celebrated it wilhe wating for flight, a weird but a beutiful way of celebration. When i came home, I was in no rush to get up early to go on a two-hour bus ride, no different languages, and no maps. This trip was excited and interesting, the best experince of my life.As for me, I have always enjoyed watching all-round views from some altitudes. I enjoy watching them in my hometown and as soon as I am in some new city. When i was at home i said mzself that i have to be more open minded, to see things in everz contects and in every kind of situation. When I was in such a place, I just hold my breath and observe the beauty. At such moments I think about how our life is excellent, what beauty it offers us and how important it is to value each moment of our lives. I understood that i am part of Europe, I am not alone, and I have so many chances to reach all my goals.

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