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Minister Arsim Bajrami of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) joined the Demand for Justice (D4J) Program, Youth Initiative for Human Rights – Kosovo (YIHR-KS) and Community Building Mitrovica (CBM) in the signing of an MoU.  This MoU signing ceremony sets the stage for D4J education and outreach activities to commence in Pristina, Prizren, Peja and Mitrovica region high schools in the weeks and months ahead.  Thus, YIHR-KS and CBM will work with key public oversight institutions to deliver its interactive Youth for Justice (Y4J) lectures focused on legal rights, access to justice and public accountability at a total of 35 public schools in selected municipalities in these regions.

Prior to the signing ceremony, our D4J partners informed MEST officials about the Y4J educational platform intended to both educate high school students and invite them to participate in debate clubs, youth camps, and relevant D4J “outreach” activities designed to steer students towards responsible public action. As the ceremony concluded, the Minister confirmed MEST’s interest in improving Kosovo’s civic education by monitoring this D4J program activity and incorporating the Y4J program into Kosovo’s high school curriculum as it ensures that Kosovo’s next generation will be aware of their human rights, the justice sector responsibility to uphold these rights, and most importantly, the public’s civic responsibility to demand these rights from the State.


Minister Bajrami expressed his pleasure with the scope and objectives of the Y4J project, recognizing it as a vehicle for strengthening the partnership between MEST and CSOs.  He concluded the event by offering his personal support to appear as a Y4J lecturer at some of the D4J lectures to be held in Pristina, Peja, Prizren and Mitrovica high schools this year.


The Demand for Justice Program is funded by the U.S. Department of State/INL and implemented by the National Center for State Courts to support the development of robust, evidence-driven demand for justice in Kosovo. Through D4J, NCSC is mobilizing CSO partners to act as agents of change to foster accountability, transparency, and integrity in the justice sector. For more information, see