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Youth Initiative for Human Rights (YIHR KS) is a non-governmental organization which for more than fifteen years (15) has successfully worked on the protection and promotion of human rights and democratic values ​​not only in Kosovo but throughout the region.YIHR KS operates on the principles of the rule of law, protecting human rights through programs that deal with the past, the rule of law and the empowerment of youth.

Support from individuals as well as from all segments of society is very important for our work. To achieve our goals and protect the rights of all without distinction, we need the support of individuals, businesses, and other organizations that understand the importance of community engagement as much as we do.

We are constantly looking for new donations and ideas that will help us promote and protect human rights and democratic values ​​in our society. For this reason, we invite you to support us and join forces to create new opportunities for the region, the country and above all for our youth.

We look forward to your cooperation.

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