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Youth Initiative for Human Rights – Kosovo is looking for four (4) mentors in the fields of video production, photography, storytelling and theater to join the Youth Exchange Program under the “Kosovo Youth Dialogue” project supported by USAID.

About the organization:

The Youth Initiative for Human Rights was initially established as a regional non-governmental organization in 2003, which later evolved into a YIHR regional network in Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. For more than fifteen (15) years, the Youth Initiative for Human Rights – Kosovo (YIHR KS) has worked successfully in protecting and promoting human rights and democratic values ​​not only in Kosovo but also in the region. With special emphasis, YIHR KS has focused on the process of addressing the past, protecting human rights, and strengthening the rule of law and the role of youth at the local and regional level.

Purpose of the project and activity:

Kosovo Youth Dialogue Activity is a thirty (30) month project with the main goal of empowering young people to participate in dealing with the past and the reconciliation process in Kosovo by encouraging interethnic communication, interaction, and cooperation, addressing common interests, building trust, and promoting mutual understanding and positive attitudes.

YIHR KS will organize six (6) one-week residential exchanges with young people from the Albanian and Serbian communities, in order for young people to have the opportunity to exchange experiences, ideas, and opinions, as well as to learn about transitional justice, dealing with the past. , intercultural dialogue and other communication skills. In total, 180 students will participate in these exchanges (30 for each exchange). During the exchange, the young people will also learn the basics of video production, photography, storytelling, and theater. Each group will have a professional mentor to guide and assist students in their projects. Their task will be to use these art forms as a medium for dialogue and cooperation with each other, as well as a way to jointly oppose the nationalist narratives that exist in our societies, also jointly to promote reconciliation.

Date and place:

Activities will be organized in Kosovo during the years 2020 and 2021. The next Youth Exchange Program will be organized during the dates 22-28 February 2021. The location will be determined in the meantime.

Admission criteria:

Description of mentor engagement:

Required documents for application:

Please send these documents to by email subject Mentors – Youth Exchange Program – USAID indicating for which field you are applying until February 10, 2021.

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