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  1. When it comes to budget proposals, do you have any rules in regards to the budget proportion for the NGO expenses and project activities, (e.g.) 50% + 50%?

Although we do not have a general rule set in relation to your question, we would highly appreciate it if the budget caters more towards project activities.


  1. In the general application form, particularly in paragraph 7 (past experiences), do we need to list all of our previous experience or just the experience related to the proposed project?

In that section, you must write all of the previous experience that your organization has with donor-funded projects related to Youth from different ethnic backgrounds.


  1. This is Goldlite from Nigeria, an NGO organization. We are an NGO organization that aims at helping the less privileged people by assisting orphanage houses, vulnerable people, etc. We would like to make an enquiry if a Nigerian NGO could apply for the grants?

Regarding your enquiry about applying for a grant, unfortunately, only organizations from Kosovo are eligible to apply.


  1. I own a business in Peja related to the production and sale of window blinders. Can I apply for a grant as a production company?

Only non-governmental organizations are eligible to apply.


  1. I would like some additional information about the Small Grant Scheme. Where is it focused more or what is required to apply?

At the open call displayed on the YIHR KS website, you can find all the necessary information about the Small Grant Scheme under Request for Applications (within the open call).


  1. Regarding the official 2019 tax declaration, does it mean the financial statements that we declare at the ATK?

It does mean that, or an audit report of 2019 if you have one.


  1. I would like to ask what type of grants do you give? I have a business in agriculture and would like to expand it even further.

In order to be eligible for a grant, you must be a non-governmental organization in Kosovo, that aims to support the reconciliation process in the country by working with constituents from different ethnic backgrounds in Kosovo.

In other words, you must operate as an NGO and have experience in working with Youth from different ethnic backgrounds in Kosovo, in order to be an eligible applicant.


  1. When is the project expected to start? The reason for this question is so that we may anticipate whether the activities will be aimed digitally or physically because of COVID-19, thus the timeline can help us plan that.

The grants are expected to be distributed by February, and as such, the projects are expected to start during that month as well.


  1. The project is based on “Kosovo Youth”, but are there any areas that have been targeted specifically that have to be implemented, or is that within the logical/researched choice of the NGO?

The main focus behind the Small Grant Scheme is to promote cooperation and communication between Youth from different ethnic backgrounds. For this reason, we expect the projects to be catered towards such goals as well.


  1. What is the age of the youth groups? Or is there an age group we should focus more on (older youth/younger youth)? This dictates the type of activities we have to implement.

We don’t have a set target age when it comes to youth groups, as long as it targets Youth.


  1. The Small Grant Scheme has 4 points which we have to rely on, but do we have to accomplish all 4 points as mandatory or can we aim for 2 points from the scheme?

Even though tackling all 4 points is not mandatory, it is preferable to aim at delivering those messages through the activities you will implement, as best as you can.


  1. This would be determinable for the activities and implementation process, but is there any indication whether we should aim towards online (digital) or physically?

You should aim to implement your activities based on the current state of the pandemic situation. Although we cannot predict how things will take a turn, it is best to plan ahead as things are happening at the moment.


  1. Is there a certain timeframe that the activities need to be accomplished (within a timeframe)?

As mentioned in the Request for Applications, the proposed project must be no less than 3 months and no more than 6 months.


  1. One of the eligibility criteria that is stated, is to have partnerships with one or more NGOs. Does this mean that we have to cooperate with another NGO as mandatory (similar to the consortium) to complete this project?

If your organization does not form a partnership with at least another NGO that meets the same eligibility criteria mentioned in the Request for Applications (which is why a MoU is one of the required documents for submission), then your application will not be considered.

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