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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the project budget of 30,000 $ available for a project or the maximum budget of the scheme?

Total amount for the Small Grants Scheme is 30,000 $. The scheme will support three projects and all requested amounts for funding cannot be more than $10.000.

  1. Do organizations that cooperate with different ethnic groups have the right to apply?

The goal of this scheme is to financially support NGOs that work with different ethnic groups in supporting the reconciliation process in Kosovo. Additionally, through the program we want to strengthen cooperation between NGOs working with constituents from different ethnic backgrounds in Kosovo through implementation of joint projects. Projects that will be supported will have a focus on the issues of transitional justice, dealing with the past, peace building and reconciliation.

  1. How to acquire the Duns number for Kosovo? 

The Duns number is a mandatory application requirement. It is a Unique entity identifier from Dun & Bradstreet (DUNS number) where you can find it here:  SAM Webform : Home. Kosovo is also eligible as a country for DUNS number. You can check it here  

  1. Where to download the documents needed for the Small Grants Scheme? 

The documents needed for the Small Grants Scheme are written in the open call. You can find the open call link here To download the documents please click on them and they will automatically be downloaded.

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