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April 8th marks the International Roma Day. It’s the day that the Romani culture is celebrated and their voice is raised. It’s a day where Roma people gather to send a clear message to the society about their position in it. Roma historically belongs to Kosovo’s society, but still today Kosovar society shows racism and prejudice towards them. Romani people face structural racism; they encounter it in the education system, labor market and many other segments which prevent their social mobility. It’s this day that we raise proudly the Romani flag, a flag without any state power, but belongs to Romani people who are historically part of many countries, which makes this flag a worldwide heritage and shows where their true power remains.

We want Roma history in Kosovo’s textbooks, we want Romani culture and language to be acknowledged in the Kosovar society, we want political space for Roma presence, and therefore with this statement we declare that Roma day, should be every day!