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Open Call for the brand identity design of the Children of War Museum 

Terms of Reference:
To establish and develop a brand identity that best represents the purpose of the Children of War Museum. YIHS KS is creating this museum to display the experiences of children during the war in Kosovo through their very personal objects (toys, diaries, clothes, etc.) and as well other audio-visual testimonies. This activity is organized within the project “Kosovo Youth Dialogue Activity” which is supported by USAID Kosovo and implemented by YIHR KS.

Information on the project:
The main goal of this initiative is to enhance collective memory about the recent war in Kosovo as a way of dealing with the past as well as developing a critical approach towards different narratives through research and documentation of wartime experiences and stories. The museum (based on the idea of the Childhood Museum in Sarajevo) will contribute to inclusive memorialization considering how childhood stories and in general the daily life during the last war has remained on the margins of collective memory and remembrance.

Logo, color palette, fonts and other visual elements (up to 3 options).

Duration of engagement:
The museum brand identity must be completed by the end of July, depending on the requirements of the YIHR KS.

Admission criteria:

Required documents:


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