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Humanitarian Law Center in Kosovo and Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Kosovo express their concerns about the murder of Serbian citizens from Hoqa e Madhe, municipality of Rahovec, Aca Putnik (51) and wounding of his son Dobrica Putnik (23), on the morning of the 2nd of October. Considering that the security in the municipality of Rahovec has been on a satisfying level for the past few years, this incident has increased the level of insecurity among the Kosovo Serbs that reside in this municipality.

According to the victim’s daughter, Daliborka Putnik, her father and her brother had no past conflicts with anyone and they moved freely. “My father and brother left the house around 23:00. Around 3:00 o’clock after midnight neighbors informed me about the incident”, said the daughter of the victim. According to some unofficial information in disposal of HLC Kosovo, the abovementioned were drunk at the bar “Burimi” which is located in Xerxe village, and after they went out of the bar some unidentified individuals shot at them with fire guns. On this occasion, Aca Putnik was shot dead and his son Dobrica Putnik was wounded.

HLC Kosovo and the Youth Initiative for Human Rights call upon law and prosecution authorities to investigate this incident and bring the perpetrators of this crime to face justice and get the deserved punishment.