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YIHR-KS invites interested legal entities to submit offers for a service contract in implementing a “Media Campaign” in reference to the implementation of the project, “Youth participation for inclusive education and human rights”, as a part of Engagement for Equity Program (E4E), financed by the United States Agency for International Development – USAID and supported by Advocacy Training and Recourse Center – ATRC.

This concept note elaborates the scope and goals of the project and the media campaign purpose.

The overall goal of the project is influencing and changing the approach of our society towards human rights and making it more inclusive.The goal of the project is to contribute with concrete recommendation during the curricula revision and textbooks of the pre university level of education in Kosovo, focused on the textbooks dealing with social issues. We tend to reach directly a wide range of youngster through our field activities, street actions in important dates, public debates, workshops, movie nights etc.

This project tackles human rights issues and how they are presented in pre a university book which reflects the current curricula. The findings will be used to raise the awareness about the discriminatory content of the books used in high schools and for promoting human rights, which will reflect youth perception on human rights and also for the stakeholders to undertake proper measures on the topics.

Intend purpose of the media campaign

The aim of this campaign is to ensure that the entire project is expanded in the entire territory of Kosovo, particularly to our target groups. Given that the main target of ours are young people from age 10 to 20. The campaign will play a key role in public awareness and making this issue present in the public sphere.

The media campaign includes:

The attention will be also put on the campaign on social networks. The project will use all available resources of YIHR KS in social networks, including channel on YouTube, YIHR’s Facebook page’s and Twitter accounts. The main product of the media campaign is the production of a TV Documentary and 5 short videos, which will be focused on the activities of the project, and will highlight the commitment of young people in project activities.

The content of 5 TV Videos will have a positive approach towards general human rights.

Topics for 5 videos:

  1. LGBTI rights
  2. Transitional justice
  3. Gender equality
  4. Anti discrimination
  5. Human rights and textbooks


The campaign will be conducted in close cooperation with YIHR-KS.

Evaluation criteria:

Idea/Concept: 60%

Relevant Experience: 30%

Lowest Price: 10%


Please send your detailed  offer no later than 25/08/2016 at email address: with the subject title: Offer for Media campaign for the project “Youth participation for inclusive education and human rights “, 2016