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Since the end of last war in Kosovo, 17 years from now, the fate of more than 1600 missing persons still remains unknown. The levitra dosage families of victims and Kosovar society are still facing the denial of their right to know the truth and find justice.
Being consistent in demands for realizing the rights of families of the victims in particular and as a society in general, as activists of the Initiative, we remain engaged in bringing attention through symbolic actions for the missing persons issue and simultaneously require from all relevant parties much bigger efforts in solving this issue.
We are deeply convinced that denying the truth and impunity will determine the fate of our future. Family of the missing spent 204 months; 6205 days; 148920 hours not knowing the fate of missing persons.
With this action, we, the Kosovar youth, show that we are aware of our role in society and the importance of dealing with the past.