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Youth Initiative for Human Rights – Kosovo, awarded these organizations for the first round of Small Grants for 2010:

Proactive, Kamenica *$3,500

Proactive is direct successor of Alternative Youth Association MILLENNIUM, one of the first established organizations in Kosovo after 1999. Aim of Proactive is to promote the civil society among young people in Kosovo by establishing a democratic environment for all citizens’ regardless ethnicity, language, race or religion. Members of organization are active young people with rich experience in different projects and activities in the past ten years. The supported project aims to raise awareness among young people for Human Rights through Radio shows where are going to be discussed topics such as Freedom of Movement, Freedom of Expression, Transitional Justice etc.

Partners Center for Conflict Management, Prishtina *$3,000

Partners Center for Conflict Management (Partners-Kosova, or P-K) is a local NGO, founded in 2001,committed to building sustainable indigenous capacity to advance civil society and a culture of change and conflict management. The supported project aims to empower young people from Albanian and Serbian Communities in Kosovo to bring positive peaceful changes and empower youth participation in/for their community in Kosovo.

Cultural Heritage without Borders, Prishtina *$5,000

Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB) is a foundation working to preserve cultural monuments endangered in various ways. CHwB Kosovo focuses its work in the field of cultural heritage on three main sectors: 1. Integrated Conservation, 2. Restoration and 3. Capacity building of cultural heritage institutions and awareness on cultural heritage. The supported project aims to demonstrate cooperation of youth from different ethnic communities in promotion of Kosovo cultural heritage and to strengthen capacities of youth activism representing their city/village/community culture.

Development and Social Welfare, Gjilan *$3,500

NGO for Development and Social Welfare-IDSW from Gjilan Municipality has started its activity in 2008 by a group of activists mainly students of Gjilan Municipality in effort of bringing new ideas, approaches and beginnings in local development in general and also improving the social conditions and welfare of citizens. The supported project aims to increase the youth activism of different ethnic communities in Gjilan Municipality in regard of human rights, interethnic dialogue and increase the youth access in decision making processes.