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Youth Initiative for Human Rights has marked the sixth anniversary of its foundation. Participants at this important event for the Initiative were representatives from embassies, institutions, civil society foundations and activists.

After welcoming speech held by the Executive Director of the Initiative, Raba Gjoshi, during which she also spoke about the activities of the Initiative during these years, she gave the word to Hajrulla Ceku who shared his experience with the visiting program and the importance of the continuation of regional cooperation.

The following program that was introduced was Traveling to Europe, which is organized every year by the Initiative, now for the fourth time. This program enables pre-graduate students from Kosova Universities to see and experience European cultures and values by traveling for one month through the continent. Hana Sahatqija, one of the participants of this program, spoke about the importance of the freedom of movement for young people and the possibility given by the Initiative to these students through the program Travel to Europe.

During these years, the Initiative remained one of the strongest pillars of civil society in protecting and promoting human rights and the closest allies in this area are Civil Rights Defenders. Through a short speech, Peter Mossop spoke about the work of the Initiative and its contribution in the field of human rights in Kosovo.

In the end, the Executive Director of the Initiative, Raba Gjoshi, presented the new project of the organization, School for Young Leaders, a project which aims to develop critical thinking capabilities to new generations about the social, political and cultural concepts; to offer students the opportunity of gaining knowledge and understanding democratic politics and to develop students practical skills that are necessary for the progressive implementation of a professional life or in other social activities.