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No less than 11%, up to 84%: the levels of racial discrimination in the job market reach alarming peaks in Europe From January to April 2016, the European Grassroots Antiracist Movement has conducted in nine countries a European Testing campaign to evaluate the levels of racial discrimination in the job market. The results, presented in the graphic below, show alarming peaks :

infographic - levels of racial discrimination (1)

These results, however high, are not entirely a surprise, since racism has been spreading with increasing
permissiveness in recent years all over Europe at the political level, by some opinion leaders as well as in
the general population, and since the action by civil society and by the national and European institutions
has not been determined enough to fight this phenomenon.
Whatever our positions, it is our responsibility to act to make our societies more just.

You can dowload the report here: The 2016 European Situation Testing Campaign on Racial Discrimination in the Labor Market