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The Youth Initiative for Human Rights – Kosovo (YIHR KS) has used renewed National Endowment for Democracy (NED) assistance to continue building trust and better understanding among youth in Kosovo by encouraging dialogue and promoting activism in local communities. The YIHR KS has provided financial and technical assistance to activists from different ethnic backgrounds to organize advocacy campaigns and work together on addressing local community challenges. Seven small grants have been awarded to NGOs in Kosovo during the year 2012.

The Small Grants program is designed to establish new links and facilitate dialogue between ethnic Albanians and non-Albanian minorities, and strengthen cooperation between Kosovar youth and their counterparts across the border. Projects supported should last up to three months and contribute to objectives such as enhancing cooperation among youth from different ethnic communities in resolving common local and national issues; improving dialogue, tolerance, and understanding between different ethnic communities; and increasing youth participation in human rights and other civic and advocacy campaigns.

Specifically the YIHR KS through its Small Grants Program has supported the following projects, which reach a total of $25,000.00 and are being implemented during 2012: