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Youth Initiative for Human Rights is committed to break the barriers between youth Albanian and Serb and this is realized through various activities within the Program for Regional Visiting and the Program for Visiting within Kosovo.

From 2 to 5 August 2010, the Youth Initiative for Human Rights organized a thematic visit in the 9th edition of International Festival of Documentary and Short Film “Dokufest” in Prizren.

Participants were 24 young people from Belgrade along with the young Serb and Albanian from Kosovo. During their stay in Prizren for 3 days participants attended the program offered by Dokufest as short feature films, various documentaries, debates, visits to cultural and historical monuments of the city of Prizren, including night life.

During their visit to Prizren young people met with the Director of the Festival Aliriza Arenliu with whom shared their impressions during the visit.