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An Insight Into the Work of the Ombudsperson Institution

June 13, 2013
An Insight Into the Work of the Ombudsperson Institution

Youth Initiative for Human Rights – Kosovo (YIHR KS) with the support of the Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) during a conference held today in Pristina, published the report “An Insight Into the Work of the Ombudsperson Institution“.

This report aims to provide an insight into the work done by the Ombudsperson Institution in Kosovo (OIK) through considering the 2011 Annual Report, internal organization and dealing with complainants in the central or regional offices. Additionally, the report offers a number of recommendations, which aim to promote the mandate of the OIK, increase transparency and efficiency.

The conference was opened by Miss. Raba Gjoshi – Executive Director of YIHR KS, who explained the purpose of this project in the context of the organization’s work in the human rights field. Whereas, the findings of the report were presented by Miss. Natyra Avdiu – Human Rights Project Coordinator in YIHR KS. The panelists in the conference were Mr. Sami Kurteshi – Ombudsperson of Kosovo and Mr. Joël Mermet – Head of the OHCHR office in Kosovo.

The Ombudsperson, Mr. Kurteshi, during his speech mentioned that the majority of the recommendations in the report are well placed and that the OIK believes that this cooperation with YIHR KS was important in order for individuals outside of the Institution to see the work that is done within. Additionally, z. Kurteshi congratulated YIHR KS for implementing the project in accordance with the cooperation agreement by respecting the confidentiality of complainants and invited YIHR KS to share the findings of the report and recommendations during a meeting with staff of the OIK. Further, Mr. Kurteshi explained certain internal decisions relating to internal organization and the reasons why such changes were necessary.

Whereas, Mr. Mermet congratulated Mr. Kuteshi for the OIK’s cooperation in this project and emphasized that this contributes towards transparency of the Institution. Additionally, Mr. Mermet underlined that the recommendations are constructive and this report can be used for internal improvements, as well as for the accreditation process of the OIK as a National Human Rights Institution according to the Paris Principles within the United Nations.

Overall, the report was welcomed by a number of participants from civil society, international organizations, local institutions and the OIK and the conference provided a good opportunity to discuss the findings of the report and the role of the OIK in human rights protection.