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Youth Initiative for Human Rights Kosovo (YIHR KS) is in search of an experienced professional or company to take the lead in developing the mental health policy. 


The Youth Initiative for Human Rights Kosovo (YIHR KS) is a non-governmental organization with a mission to promote and protect human rights, particularly among the youth of all communities in Kosovo. As part of our dedication to cultivating an inclusive work atmosphere, we acknowledge the significance of prioritizing mental health in the workplace. With great enthusiasm, YIHR KS invites professionals or companies to submit proposals for the development of mental health policy.

Recognizing that mental health is an important aspect of the overall well-being and workforce performance, YIHR KS aims to bring in force an inclusive policy that fosters a safe and supportive environment for its employees. We firmly believe that investing in the mental well-being of our team members will result in higher productivity, job satisfaction, and personal growth.

Scope of Work:

The chosen expert or company will be responsible for:

Proposal Requirements:

Interested individuals or companies should submit proposals that include:

Submission Deadline:

Proposals must be submitted electronically to with email subject “Expert of Mental Health Policy” no later than September 4, 2023.

Questions and Clarifications:

For any questions or clarifications regarding this call for proposals, please contact

We look forward to receiving innovative proposals that will contribute to the development of a progressive mental health policy for YIHR KS.


YIHR KS team, 18 August 2023

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