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Are you passionate about human rights, tolerance, and advocating for positive change in your community? We invite young individuals from Kosovo to participate in the transformative human rights and advocacy training.

Event Details:

About the Training: The training aims to empower 15 participants with advanced human rights and advocacy skills. Focused on recent history, the training will cover topics such as human rights basics, peace and conflict, national propaganda tools, hate speech, intercultural dialogue, and dealing with the past.

Innovative Learning Approach: The training will utilize innovative group work methods, fostering interactivity and the exchange of experiences. Participants will explore real-life examples of human rights violations and learn about relevant laws (e.g., law on free access to information, law on gender equality) through analysis and discussions.

Diverse Perspectives: To ensure a rich learning environment, the team emphasizes the selection of participants from various backgrounds—ethnic, geographic, social, professional, and educational. Priority will be given to motivated individuals who have not attended similar trainings in the past.

Participants of the activity will be accommodated in a hotel in Prishtinë, and all associated expenses will be fully covered by YIHR KS.

Selection Criteria:

Application Process:

Deadline for Applications: 19.01.2024

Notification of Acceptance: Successful applicants will be notified by 22.01.2024.

This is an opportunity to contribute to positive change in your community and gain valuable skills in the field of human rights and advocacy. Join us in fostering a culture of tolerance and justice.

For inquiries, please contact Ilir Vitija at

*Funded by the European Union

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