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Europe in 30 days

995 October 28, 2015

‘Fun and exciting’… two first words that cross your mind when you start writing this essay.

I’ve got lucky to be one of those persons chosen for the program called “Travel to Europe” – an initiative started by Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Kosovo. This opportunity was a ticket to achieve my lifelong dreams and somehow an opportunity to disconnect from the regular life.

Apart from enjoying the experiences that traveling offers, we had the chance to learn a lot from different cultures of the Europe. I started my traveling experience from Berlin – a world city of culture, politics, media, and science. There we experienced a very warm welcome from Robert Bosch Sttiftung staff and for three days we had the chance to enjoy different activities provided to us. One of the most important thing that Berlin offered us was the opportunity to meet other lucky students from different countries. During three days we have been part of different discussions, presentations and future plans presented by numerous people with different cultural background. The most exciting thing though, was meeting with the ex-deputy of European Parlament Mrs. Doris Pack. Furthermore, city walks, visits to Berlin Wall, Brandenburg Gate, Holocaust Memorial, Alesanerplatz etc…Enabled me to learn a lot of things about the history of Berlin and to appreciate the beauty of this nation.

Next stop for me was Netherlands – a state that has literally been born of the sea.  There, by the chance we ended up visiting one of the best places that I ever seen, Haderwijk. We had a lot of fun visiting the city and joining the amazing culture that they have. After that, we continued to Amsterdam which for sure is the “city of freedom”. As other places, the beauty of Amsterdam was not behind. The most interesting experiences there was the “gay parade”, which was something different and very fun! Rotterdam, was the place that we visited. In here, I can probably distinguish the industrial environment that reign within the city.

My journey continued all the way to Belgium, where in there I visited Brugges – a place that I could outline with one word “fairytale”. Moving on to France, of course I visited Paris! Of course everybody knows Eifferl Tower, but being there is a completely different feeling. That place is literally mesmerizing and it becomes greater when you are in a good company.  In Paris I also would distinguish the Notre Dame Cathedral, which in my opinion is one of the best things that a human work created; simply perfect to its very tiny detail.


After that, I went down to Italy, where we stopped to visit antic Rome and beautiful Venecia. In there we saw Colosseum, as known as ancient Roman arena created for “criminals” to fight against the death. Moreover, we visited Trevi Fountain, and Vatican City. Indeed, Venice was one of the most unusual and romantic places I saw. Everything there is quite and you better find your way, since the routes of Venice can be very tricky.

Afterwards, I ended up to Austria – which I call it as “City of Rules”. Everything there is just right. Most of the things I did there? Well, I just relaxed visiting the city around with my friends.

Last but not least I visited Czech Republic- more specifically the city of Prague a place that is quite famous for the youth life, beautiful castles, intricately carved cathedrals , old bridges, museums , walled courtyards and so on.  Loved the nights in this city where the Old Square of the city is full of young people, singing, drinking and chilling around.

To wrap it up, beside the beauty of all the cities that I have visited, this Eurotrip enabled me to meet some great people which made this experience even better. In addition to that I think that what I got from this opportunity is knowing different cultures around Europe and meet very interesting people, which could be a great network that will be very helpful for our careers.

And then, cold nights in Kolhn, naps on the train, ordering coffee without money, getting wild in Amsterdam, sleeping in the beach in Nice, being treated exclusively in Venice train and lots of lots more experience are things that I will never forget in my life, and literally I can consider “30 days of Europe” as the best thing that happened in my life.



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