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No matter who you are, you need peace, love and hope!

983 October 28, 2015

To see is to know,and what everyone of us want is to know the meaning of life.We,humans have always tendencies to get the meaning of things but we forget that we can give them a meaning,and for me to live is to learn something new every day.

Travelling to Europe it was great experience,especially for us Kosovans that we represents a new country in Europe.I’ve seen different places,cultures,every kind of people and different lifestyles all around Europe.
Our story of travelling and adventure began with Berlin. There we had chance to met Doris Pack and to talk about our political and social problems as Ballkans.In Berlin we have met different students from Albania,Macedonia,Serbia,Bosnia,Montenegro.This was a great chance especially for us Kosovans and Serbians to talk to each other and to prove them that we can have a good relationship as neighbours that is very important for our countries.
In Berlin I went to visit Brandenburg Gate wich is an iconic landmark in Germany,I also saw Tv tower that is almost the tallest structure in the Europian Union.The Museum Island was very interesting place where were located five museums, also I had a chance to visit Egyptian Museum where I learned a lot of things about Egyptian ancient history.The most interesting thing in Berlin was Berlin wall which is a symbol of German reunification.
After Berlin we continued our journey to Netherland.I was fascinated by nature beauty in the city called Harderwijk. People also were very friendly and helped us a lot about orientation.
The day after we went in Amsterdam wich was amazing, we had a boat trip and saw most beautiful and famous places of city.I was amazed by hundred of canals and the buildings that seemed like floating in water.Now I understand why Amsterdam it’s called ‘’city of freedom’’, I think that people in this city are free to do what they want,so that brings freedom to them.
Our next destination was Bruges in Belgium. Bruges was very pleasant and ancient city especially its architecture with million years of history.
Paris…When we arived in Paris we were very tired so we didn’t notice anything. After that we found our hostel and took a rest we went for a walk. By walking I was thinking ‘’Paris is awesome!’’. We visited Eifel Tower,Louvre and Notre Dam.I think that Notre Dam it’s a most beautiful cathedral I’ve ever seen. In general Paris was city of art,beauty,fashion and very rich culture.
It was an interesting and great experience to wake up in the morning on the beach in Nice with such a friendly and nice people like my group was.
During the time that we used to wait for train or when we were tired we didn’t miss moments with music,dance,grup discussions and of course jokes with each other.
We continued our journey to Rome.Rome was very interesting city with lots of history stories.It seems that every road,every wall and every building have their own magical history.We visited Vatikan,Coloseum,Fontana di Trevi and also took a bus tour when we saw a lot of other things.
In our hostel in Rome we also had a great party with my group friends,knowing that this was the last city that we were all together as a group.
After Rome we visited Venice.Venice was very romantic and beautiful city.It feels like you are transported to another time-the art,music,food and pure romance in the air is like no other places. With all streets around with water,boats,restaurants,Venice was simply magical!
Next destination was Vienna.Vienna was quiet and regular place.We visited Gothic Stephansdom wich was very intersting and is located on Stephansplatz.
After three days we left Vienna to continue with Prague. There we had so much fun.We also had chance to make friends from Italy and France.Prague was like reading a beautiful novel!We visited Prague astronomical clock,Prague castle with St.Vitus cathedral, Old town and other tourist attractions. Night life,different styles of architecture are few of many reasons why to visit Prague.
Me and my friend Rozafa after Prague decided to go in Gratz, Austria and to stay there for a week. We visited her aunt and her family. There we had a great time.I felt positive energy everywhere!
On my way back home I was lost in thoughts…I learned a lot during this journey about history,culture, art, and different life styles. I felt that I was very lucky to be part of this journey especially that I have seen and learned one thing : People have to share love with each other, because we are all the same .No matter if we live in Kosovo or in Amsterdam,Rome or Paris. No matter if we are muslims or jewish,catholic. No matter if we have tattoos or our skin brighter or darker..All of us around the world are still people who breath and need to feel love,peace and hope!

Cheers to amazing Europe and this unforgettable journey!

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