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The European adventure

1012 October 28, 2015

It was my first time having a long distance journey and I finally got that chance to experience a trip to Europe.
I started thinking to pack up my luggage..well i didn’t have one, that is why i went to a store and chose the biggest backpack which afterwards during my journey I regretted. I started thinking of a schedule, writting down a list of countries I wanted to visit, unfurtunately that schedule left out key places such as Spain and Portugal.
The trip started in Berlin, I had the chance to meet people from all around Balkan, spent some quality time playing interesting games and that way we got to know each other very well. Of course visiting places were not out of the plan. We have been to the famous Berlin Wall, center of Berlin different caffes and mini restaurants. To sum up Berlin was impressive. The following city to visit was Amsterdam. As a group we enjoyed it for about 24 hours which is a quite short time to appreciate and love Dutch culture. In the other side, it was a very small city to cover all the great places in a single day. Streets, canions, small bridges and not to forget the biggest event the gay pride parade left me out of breath. Later that week we traveled to Paris. We all were a bit disorientadet at once, Paris is huge. We hardly menaged to get to youth hostel we booked. After we arrived, laid back and relaxed later that day we started exploring one of the biggest cit of Europe, Paris. Everybody knows what to do in Paris, I guess there is no need to mantion what we have done or visited. Then the plan list was to visit Italy, Check Republic and Austria. In Italy i felt like travelling in time, back in history in the anncient architecture of Rome and Venezia.
All this wonderful trip ended up in Prague. If you really want to live young wild and free you must visit Prague.

Eventhough I had the best time of my life during these three weeks I was glad to be home again. I was in no rush to get up early and try to menage time to visit and do all the stuff we planned and there was no different languages anymore.
This trip tought me that no matter where you go or whom you see, there is no place like home.

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