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Activists work tirelessly to better our society by advocating for human rights, despite risks and immense social and structural challenges. YIHR KS acknowledges such efforts and wants to enhance the role of human rights activism by introducing the


This award will go to an individual/group of individuals/NGO/informal civic initiative that has a central and impactful role in the human rights field. It aims to not only recognize human rights activist efforts, but also create a platform of visibility and empowerment for activists’ work and approaches regarding human rights protection.

YIHR KS, since its foundation in 2004 has continuously worked to promote and protect human rights and democratic values in Kosovo and the region.

We strive for a free, equal, and just society where all people can live up to and realize their full potential. YIHR KS ensures the achievement of its mission by promoting, protecting, and advocating for human rights and human dignity, freedom and equality, democracy, processes of dealing with the past, and youth empowerment.

We stand by and support activism that fights for these values and principles. Hence, we are giving our first “Human Rights Activist of the Year Prize.” 

This prize will recognize and celebrate the continuous activists’ contribution towards the protection and promotion of human rights in Kosovo. 

YIHR KS kindly invites you to submit your nominations for the “Human Rights Activist of the Year Prize.”

You have the right to nominate:

Who you cannot nominate:

All nominations will be reviewed by an independent external panel. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

To nominate you must complete the attached application at this link:

The deadline for nominations is November 13, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. For any questions about the application, please write to us at

*All the application documents must be submitted in English.

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