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Youth Initiative for Human Rights Kosovo (YIHR KS) is seeking experienced professionals or companies to review and enhance our Sexual Harassment Policy.


The Youth Initiative for Human Rights Kosovo (YIHR KS) is a non-governmental organization committed to promoting and safeguarding human rights, with a particular focus on youth in Kosovo. In our ongoing commitment to fostering an inclusive and respectful work environment, we recognize the utmost importance of a strong Sexual Harassment Policy. YIHR KS extends an invitation to experts or organizations to participate in the review of our Sexual Harassment Policy.

Understanding that a safe and respectful workplace is vital for the well-being and productivity of our team, YIHR KS is dedicated to strengthening its existing policy framework.

Scope of Work:

The selected expert or company will be responsible for:

● Thoroughly evaluating YIHR KS’s existing Sexual Harassment Policy and its alignment with industry best practices and legal requirements.
● Conducting research to identify and propose improvements to ensure our policy is comprehensive, effective, and sensitive to the diverse needs of our workforce.
● Delivering recommendations in a clear and actionable format, enhancing the policy’s usability for our organization.

Proposal Requirements:

Interested individuals or organizations should submit proposals that include:
● CV/portfolio and two reference letters;
● A detailed plan outlining the approach, methodology, and estimated timeline for the review;

● Demonstrated experience in reviewing or developing Sexual Harassment Policies or related projects, with examples of previous work in human rights, workplace policies, or similar domains;
● A proposed budget, specifying the number of days required for the review and the corresponding daily fee or cost for each phase of the project.

Submission Deadline:
All proposals must be submitted electronically to with the email subject line “Review of Sexual Harassment Policy” by no later than October 2, 2023.

Questions and Clarifications:
For inquiries or clarifications concerning this call for proposals, please contact

We eagerly anticipate receiving proposals that will contribute to the enhancement of a comprehensive and progressive Sexual Harassment Policy for YIHR KS.

Sincerely, YIHR KS Team

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