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My Initiative

My Initiative consists of a group of responsible citizens and activists, ready to activate others in the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. This group aims to ignite the engines of political and social change in Kosovo and the region. These citizens are persistent and challenge against arbitrary abuses of power and believe convincingly that the only way forward is to appropriate Europe’s democratic values ​​and principles.

The vision of this group is that of a modern and civic Kosovo that fully incorporates European values. This group believes in the power of youth to turn this vision into reality. What is needed is the will and dedication of every individual to reach where ‘My Initiative’ aims.

The long years of oppression and war have seriously damaged our mental health, robbing us our civic dignity and instilling in us a sense of helplessness in relation to the structures in power. Kosovar society remained silent for too long for the sake of major political processes. Now that the fog of populism is fading and its hypocrisy is becoming more apparent, the need for community engagement becomes even more urgent. Kosovar youth must restore the lost sense of community and channel energy through a progressive agenda. 

The next state will no longer be “foreign” to us. The responsibility of the democratic system for the first time will fall on our shoulders. The aim of My Initiative is for this democracy to be fair, inclusive, transparent and respectful to all its citizens. The key principle of this network is the belief that Kosovar society can become truly free and cohesive only if the state protects the rights of all minority groups without any discrimination.

The network of YIHR activists believes that it is very important that the Kosovar youth:

My Initiative is open to anyone who shares the same values ​​and principles and is able to help spread this common vision.

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