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Youth Initiative for Human Rights – Kosovo (YIHR KS) with the support of Civil Rights Defenders (CRD), as part of its Human Rights Program from 7th -8th December 2013 held its third Anti-Discrimination Law Training for human rights defenders at YIHR Offices in Prishtina. In total there were 16 participants from all over Kosovo, the majority of a legal background and with a keen interest in anti-discrimination law.

The training was an intensive, interesting and engaging programme delivered from lecturers Naim Osmani from Civil Rights Program Kosovo and Natyra Avdiu from Youth Initiative for Human Rights – Kosovo.

Participants got acquainted and learnt how to use effectively legislation passed by the Kosovo Assembly in this area, as well as with international conventions that are directly applicable in Kosovo in the field of anti-discrimination. Additionally, they familiarised themselves with the jurisprudence of international committees and the European Court of Human Rights.
The event was concluded with a moot court, where participants prepared submissions on a fictive discrimination case and presented their arguments to a panel of judges.