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Despite its initial refusal, YIHR KS welcomes the second decision of the Assembly of Kosovo allowing its request for access to public documents. The Committee agreed with YIHR KS that it is in the public interest and thus published the education and work experience of each candidate who has applied for the position of Ombudsperson on the Assembly’s website.

YIHR KS strongly believes that this is an important step in ensuring respect for freedom of expression in Kosovo and a transparent selection process, which is rightly scrutinized by civil society, media and human rights activists. YIHR KS uses this opportunity to call on all media to use this information now in the public domain, in order to inform the public about each potential candidate.

Further, with the Ombudsperson Institution being the only independent human rights institution in Kosovo, it is especially important that the recruitment process is not politicized and that the best candidate selected, with the ability to serve the interests of the people and contribute to improving respect for human rights in Kosovo.

YIHR KS’s requests can be found here, the initial refusal here, whereas the information on each candidate who has applied for the position of Ombudsperson can be found here.