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Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Kosovo (YIHR KS) has concluded the program Travel to Europe for year 2013. In its efforts for promotion of free movement carried out for the seventh year, the Initiative organizes this project in order to enable the most distinguished students from Kosovo universities to travel freely in the countries of European Union for one month.

Present and invited by YIHR on this occasion, besides this year’s participants of the program, were representatives of Kosovo institutions, in order to discuss with the participants regarding challenges and difficulties that our country is facing in its way towards the European Union. Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr. Petrit Selimi, said that such initiatives are very important since they enable distinguished students to travel and see Europe closely. Mr. Besnik Vasolli, Technical Coordinator for Visa Liberalization was also present in the conclusion of this program, and he spoke about the process through which Kosovo is going and further steps in the visa liberalization process. This year’s participants were enthusiastic about their experience, and for them it was the first time they travel abroad.

Gent Sopa – student of medical faculty emphasized the importance that this travel represents for him and his fellow students, a travel which enabled them to step into direct contact with European values.

The project “Travel to Europe” is motivated by the inability of Kosovar youth to experience and recognize Europe through a direct experience. Project’s main idea is to enable distinguished student from Kosovo universities to get a Schengen visa and provide them an Inter-rail train ticket so they would travel to European countries of their choice.