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20 young people from Kosovo who have shown interest and potential for leadership in sectors such as: politics, law, media, human rights, diplomacy and civil society, are attending the first Young Leaders School, organized by Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Kosovo.

Young Leader School is part of the for Education Program of the Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Kosovo which aims:

– to develop the critical thinking capacities of young generations regarding the social, political and cultural concepts
– to provide the students with a map of knowledge on democratic politics, and
– to develop students’ practical skills required for the implementation of a progressive agenda in professional life or other social activities.

Through lectures, discussions, cultural activities and study visits, the School aims to provide young people, students, human rights activists and NGO members with more detailed information on understanding the issues and challenges currently facing Kosovo.

The program of Young Leaders School consists of 6 modules:

1. Human Rights and Democracy
2. Rule of Law and Transitional Justice
3. Participatory Democracy
4. Stereotypes and Prejudices: Media Influence
5. Nation, Nationalism and Identity
6. European Integration: Values

The first Young Leaders School started on October 12, 2010 and will last until December 2010. Classes last for 2 hours a day (17:30 to 19:30) and are being held three days a week (Tuesday – Thursday).

The project is being supported by Balkan Trust for Democracy (BTD), Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS).