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Today, April 27, 2011, the national day of missing persons, Youth Initiative for Human Rights and activists of My Initiative, built a wall with the names of 1819 missing persons since the last war in Kosovo

A white wall, located in the city centre, in front of the zquare ‘Zahir Pajaziti’ represents the marking of this national day of missing persons from Kosovo.

The wall by symbolizing the constant situation of not resolving the destiny of these persons by the governments in power, and those last ones not being interested to find where are the dead bodies of these 1819 persons, since the end of the war in Kosovo, aims to solve this sensitive topic for our society as soon as possible.

During the day, international representatives too, visited the ‘wall of missing persons,’ so called by all local media.

In this monument, today the following ambassadors brought flowers, stressing out the importance of the destiny of these people; US Ambassador Christopher Dell, United Kingdom, Ian Cameron Cliff, French Ambassador, François-Xavier Deniau, ICO representative Christopher Rowan, and the KFOR Major General, Erhard Bühler.