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As long as humanity lives, travelers will change the world

1026 October 28, 2015

My best memories, that’s what this trip was. From the moment that we’ve been landing on the Berlin Airport i knew that a totally new way of life is waiting out there. The Europe has opened her doors to me, and i am free to go wherever i want, in Schengen area that’s understood. The view from that airplane window it’s still in my mind, an endless land entirely green covered with plants and their beauty. It was Berlin the sleepless city where extraordinary history lives within the modernity of the 21st century. It was once separated, but now in that moment he was uniting us, the young people of Balkan. Sharing such experiences with people of different nations made me understand once more the common challenges that we, our nations and especially Balkan itself have. The idea of visiting Berlin with a local hero was brilliant, because it was an opportunity to see the unseen part of the city, that part that you can’t find in a tour guide. Seeing and learning for the history of separation and the development of each side of the city through the years, was a bit similar to our countries, seeing the hard road of development after the war. The notorious wall was another part of that history, and the breakdown of the wall is a simbol of the new century, to connect each part to the other. Then, the Berlin’s Holocaust Memorial, located on a stretch of the former “death strip”, where the wall once stood near the Brandenburg Gate, is Berlin’s stunning monument to the Holocaust, dedicated to the Jewish victims of the Nazi genocide of World War II. Being on a city with that much history in itself was unbelievable.             On the other hand, the journey was just about to begin. After Berlin, Netherland was waiting for us.

On our way to Harderwijk, a small village near Amsterdam, we needed to change the train in Köln, because we took the wrong train for Harderwijk. Thanks to that mistake I saw the most amazing and breathtaking cathedral of Köln. Afterwards, the miracle itself was in front of us, the small village of Harderwijk. Maybe our group are the first to discover such place in the middle of Europe. A place that would remain in my memories for a long time, with its beautiful small houses, marvelous gardens and nature. It was just the first place to say welcome to us, and that beauty continued in its way when Amsterdam appeared in front of my eyes. The city full of young people celebrating the Gay Pride, with music and beers. The narrow streets of Amsterdam and the beautiful architecture made me fall in love. All those bridges and canals were an attraction that you can’t find anywhere else.      We left the country of tulips, and the next great place was Bruges. A city that looks all the same in every edge of it. With its cathedral it makes you feel like you have traveled back in time.

While we were traveling, we created a good friendship with the group. Lots of different types of personalities mixed together made our journey in the same time difficult, interesting and fun. Overall, travelling with trains for a long time was a good experience itself. The rush and the accuracy that was needed to find the right trains on a record time made it very dynamic. The nights that we spent sleeping on the train stations were also a totally new experience for all of us.

Our road continued to Paris, the city of love, history and culture. From the Notre-Dame Cathedral to the Eiffel Tower, its greatness was endless. But, something that leaves much to be desired is the way that some citizens of Paris treated us. In some cases the only word that we heard was : “I don’t speak English!”, when we asked anyone for any help of finding any road or place. Anyway, nothing couldn’t take away the beauty of Paris, that looked like a stately madam. The great Louvre Museum gave us the opportunity to see all those pictures of the greatest artists of all time, as the Mona Lisa of Da Vinci, and the Astronomer of Vermeer.

After all those delightful moments, the time to take the next train came very soon. Who knew that in this journey we would end up sleeping in the beach in Nice, in that picturesque mediterranean place. It was midday when we arrived in Rome, that ancient city of gods, emperors dhe gladiators. City of the monumental Colosseum, with the most unique history of a great dynasty. Even though, the visits to these monuments and to Vatican were very impressive, what we needed most, was to find a source of water and a shade to escape the hot sun of those days.

The next place was the most lovely and charming city of Venice. Being in that city with someone special is indescribable. The feeling that Venice gives to you, is like you are being in a movie and the whole place around you is just a scene made of cardboard. Sitting near one of the hundred famous canals and drinking a tasty cocktail, while watching the gondolas was amazing. In the end of the day, we slept in front of the train station with the view of Venice  just before our eyes. We left Venice behind and traveled to Vienna, another city with architecture almost like the others, but with the unique decorations in its architecture. It was awesome to see the St. Stephen’s Cathedral, The Vienna Opera House ,the Belvedere Palace that lies in the middle of a splendid park. Then, celebrating the birthday of a very special person of me, in the middle of that beauty, was also something that i will always remind as one of my unforgettable days in all this journey.

What made this trip even precious, was the communication with people of a totally different culture, way of living, and still finding some common points. Finding friendly people was not so difficult, and the next place that we have visited after Vienna had a lot of them. It was Prague, a picture of a great artist. The city of a hundred spires, of beer, and one of the cheapest cities. It was magical walking on the Charles Bridge, and seeing the view of Prague Castle on top of the hill. Cathedral of Sts. Vitus was one of the biggest, most important and beautiful cathedrals in all those cities that i have seen, the spiritual symbol of Prague, with its gothic architecture. After having a beer with some of my dearest friends in a bar with the view of Vltava, we had to continue our journey each on its ways.

So, last but not least, was Saarbrucken, a city not with the glory and the fame as the others that i’ve visited, but still with its own old style of architecture intertwined with modern. The multi ethnicity of this place makes me feel familiar, for what I have seen all those days while i was traveling around Europe. And that brings to an conclusion about traveling, meeting new people, seeing places and cultures that will change your point of view. A conclusion that every journey is a lesson in a different way, and for as long as humanity lives travelers will change the world.

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