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“Travel brings power and love into your life”

1022 October 28, 2015

Traveling around Europe.. At first it was just a story that I heard from a friend, it sounded something magical to me, but for me it was almost impossible to have a chance to do a trip around the Europe. Then I decided to apply in YIHR, project Travel to Europe. I can’t describe the feelings that I’ve felt, when my phone rang that day, I’ve been told that I’m chosen to be part of this project in the middle of all those applicants. Since that moment everything changed in my routine life, I knew that I will have the chance to visit places that I’ve just dreamed about. Days before 28th of July, were the longest days of my life, until comes the time to hit the road in our first destination, Berlin.
I will never forget the view from that little window, Berlin seemed to be marvelous, but it wasn’t just from the little window, it takes my heart from the first time that I put a step on it! Everything we did in this place was planned to be, including the buses, special house where we went at first to meet the other travelers from different countries of Balkan, hostel where we have been accommodated, and a lot of others activities. There were a lot of nice people ready to help us for everything, people that worked for the Robert Bosch Stiftung (one of the major German foundations), we felt so comfortable and enjoyed our time there. But the most special day, was the day that we had chance to meet Doris Pack, the former Member of the European Parliament 1989-2014, where we discussed with her about all the countries in Balkan. After that, we have been departed in small groups, with our local heroes, they took a walk with us around the Berlin, we had the opportunity to know each other more, to know much more about Berlins history.
After we passed three days in Berlin, we decided to go in the Netherlands, because we just needed to put a tick in the map, we’ve got our Interrail passes, visas, the only problem was deciding where to go. There it comes Harderwijk, this beautiful place, which I called “Heaven on earth”, impressive place. I was about to spend rest of my days there, but no, my intention was to use this chance to the fullest to see a lot of European capitals. After that, in Netherlands we have visited Amsterdam, this antique place, surrounded with canals. The best way to feel beauty of this city was to do a boat trip. After that we decided to spend one night in Belgium, to visit the touristic city Bruges, small city, with too much beauty in itself. That night we spent in the train station, almost for all of us, was the first time we did that. Of course it was a night to remember, the funny part was that in the morning the employee that worked there, wakes us up saying: Room service!!!
From there, we have got a long road to take, Paris wait for us! Such a big, beautiful, antique city, that was so hard to believe what I was really seeing, I remember hundred times asking myself “Is this a dream?” – So I decided to put a description in my Instagram picture like that.
Now it’s time to feel the hottest city of them all, Rome. I was so fascinated with Rome and its beauty. There we decided to do an open bus trip, feeling that fresh air that blows our minds. Enjoying this old city with more than two and a half thousand years history, with contemporary and modern art and architecture.
We have the pleasure to visit Colosseum, Vatican City and a lot of things that this city can offer. But we still couldn’t get enough of Italy, so we visited Venice also. A city sited of 118 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges. It was fun spending time there. Enjoying a cocktail of mangos, sitting in a bridge, waiting for the sun to go down in the most beautiful city, was breathtaking.
Days spent in Vienna, were days well spend! Schonbrunn Palace was the most magnificent place I have ever seen, I spent a whole day there, enjoying the beautiful details made with flowers and trees. And then I went to Zoo park, where I saw not only the animals that I used to see in tv, but animals that I have never heard about, it took me 5 hours to have a walk all around. Don’t know how to describe the beauty of the center of the city, especially at the evenings. All you want at the end of the day was drinking a beer at Museums Quartier. A place full of young people, with some music sounds from the bar at the corner!
From there we were in Prague, where we had the chance to see a movie making, at first it was a little bit strange for us, because the roads were all closed, there were a lot of people, and then we asked somebody what’s going on? He said- “We are making a film called “Anthropoid”, and please don’t take pictures!” But there was a friend that never gives up, now the pictures are in my album named “Eurotrip”. Prague made me feel like I am watching a picture of Leoind Afremov, and listening Prague of Damien Rice, too good to be true!
Then I went to Zurich, a beautiful place but not antique like the most capitals of Europe. It was the most regular city from them all!
Now I am living with this quote of Rumi “Travel brings power and love into your life.” – Especially if you are in the right place, with the right people!


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