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YIHR KS is seeking two part-time researchers to lead the interviewing and outreaching process of the Virtual Museum of Refugees, for the project “Fostering New Approaches to Youth Reconciliation” funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). We are looking for one Albanian native speaker and one Serbian native speaker.

Project Description:

Fostering New Approaches to Youth Reconciliation is a project that aims to promote reconciliation and trust-building amongst the country’s youth. All this will be made possible through interactive storytelling workshops that intend to invite young people to identify and document wartime experiences that will be featured on the Virtual Museum of Refugees.

The researchers are expected to:

The researchers shall fulfill the following requirements:

How to apply:

Send the following document to with the e-mail subject “Researcher for the Virtual Museum of Refugees 2023” and specify if you are applying for the position of the researcher as an Albanian native speaker or Serbian native speaker.

Deadline for Application: 30.03.2023

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